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Silk powder

CTFA Assigned INCI Name  


CAS Number

91079-16-2 (9009-99-8)


293-402-2 (310-127-6)


Native natural silk powder obtained by taking pure degummed fibroin from silkworm Bombyx Mori.


Biological additives of colour cosmetics; It can be used in a wide range of quality decorative cosmetics.

Function acc. to Colipa

Antistating Agents,
Biological additives.

Trade Names & forms

Silk Powder



Silk Protein in powder is non-hydrolyzed native silk obtained from silkworm Bombyx Mori or grège mainly. It is fibrous protein having a strong resemblance in its chemical composition to that of the skin and hair. In addition, silk protein has an opposite electrostatic charge to that of skin and hair and this opposite electrostatic charge causes strong adhesion of the cosmetic to the skin or hair which is crucial for the longer-lasting properties of the cosmetic and which also contributes to a silky feel and appearance of the skin and hair. It is especially important in production of decorative cosmetics (mascara, eye shadows, powders, lipsticks…).


Silk protein does not cause allergic reactions and is safe even for contact lens wearers (important in production of mascara). Its incorporation together with keratin into mascara composition causes that the product produces thicker and longer lashes. In clinical tests, it was determined to increase lash thickness by 77% in one application and 178% in two. Silk in powder has the ability to hold and retain moisture and to entrap oil. It will therefore find application in cosmetic formulations for oily skins. Incorporation into makeups based on mica pearl helps to reduce shine and allows the true colors to come through in a natural fashion. Despite its insolubility in water, silk may be used as dispersion in cosmetic products where it confers a talk-like smoothness. Its use allows the product claim of “pure silk” for face and body powders and other cosmetic compositions.

Despite its insolubility, silk can be incorporated into shampoos by its dispersing in the surfactant system what contributes to retain the moisture on the hair surface and, as a consequence, to improve their pliancy to hair-dressing, their elasticity, gloss and silky feel and softness.

Cosmetic properties and benefits of silk powder:

  • Antistatic agent, Does not cause allergic reaction, safe for contact lens wearers, Holds and retains moisture and entraps oil, Good smoothing, lubricating and spreading properties,
  • Improves pigment binding and stability in decorative cosmetics,
  • Can prevent caking and hardening of pressed powders.


  • Skin care cosmetics,
  • Hair care cosmetics,
  • Make up cosmetics,
  • Face and body powders.